2017 / Upcoming project


We have run down, run away. The problem of discourse
is used no more, moving to the program of well-worn paths.

Paths are turned up only within time-cyclical operations,
paths of masses arise that end in an involvingly unacceptable
state of boredom. Predestination, stemming from the impossibility
of defining the future in advance, increasingly becomes a past.

This is then evoked by programs that are activated out
of “sleep mode” and applied again and again, beyond
predestination or the possibility thereof.

This facticity prevents taking action from a “new thing.”
Whether for something or against it, one is still written into
the programs. If the programs are blown up, a state of emptiness
arises and leads to excessive demand and, as fast as possible,
back to a state of “liaison with prisoners.”

#romantisierung #jetzterstrecht #aufeinneues #programm
#keinbockaufdenganzenschmarrn #jetztneu


Photojob, Westbank Palästina, Bauwelt Architekturmagazin


End of focus

Marseille 2016, lightboxes, part of upcoming installation


Fashionable Posingbook jetzt auch als ebook erhältlich

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